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The sponsor of this site is Fargo Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) of Vacaville, Ca., USA. FEI's, CEO Curt Fargo, a Certified Photographic Consultant, has been in the photographic industry since 1975 and in the camera repair industry since 1980. First as a camera repairman and now as the director of FEI. FEI provides many different types of services to the camera repair industry.


  • L.L. Service Guides - Services Manuals for cameras written by Larry Lyells, and published by FEI.
  • TechNet - A FREE service provided to the industry by FEI. TechNet is a group of astute professionals that work together to improve the camera service industry. They communicate daily using electronic mail. The name of the program is The TechNet. Members keep updated on pertinent happenings within the service industry and other important topics. Electronic messages (E-mail) are sent via the internet to the TechNet host computer. The TechNet host computer system then copies the message to every member on that list. Thus, by sending E-mail to one address, that member communicates with a target group of other associates. He or she may also send a message directly to any other member.
  • Micro-Tools.com - provides the earths largest selection of tools & supplies to the Camera Repair Industry with offices in Vacaville, CA., USA, and Ochtrup, Germany. Formerly know as Cam-Comp which started in 1967.
  • Kodak Parts - FEI, re-manufactures many parts for Kodak slide and movie projectors that are no longer available through Kodak.
  • CleaningDigitalCameras.com
  • TheDustPatrol.com - For the record, we now have a vested interest in a company providing supplies to the sensor cleaning industry. I have done my best to keep this from effecting the content of this site.

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