I must caution you on taking anything you read in the forums as gospel. There are a lot of people out there giving advice and some of it is VERY irresponsible. Some of these forums sell advertising so be cautious on reviews you read because they may be biased. In short, don't believe everything you read and talk to a TRUE professional before trying anything you learn about in the forums.

Other Opinions On Cleaning
(you may even find an infomercial or two but other opinions they are)


Cleaning your CCD by Thom
Cleaning The D-SLR Sensor; Commercial Products For Use At Home Or On The Road by Jack Neubart
Cleaning the CMOS Sensor of the Canon EOS 10D by Bob Atkins
Understanding Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning by Michael Reichmann
CCD Cleaning by Gregory J. Scott
CCD Cleaning - My way by Dany Roth
CCD Cleaning by David Cardinal by VisibleDust

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Tim Grey
Steve's Digicams
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How Do You Know When The Image Sensor Is Dirty? by Frank Dutton
Ken Rockwell
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