The Sensor Cleaning Kit I Personally Carry

by: Curt Fargo

Here is my personal sensor cleaning kit and some explanations on why I have each of the items in it. Most of the kit I carry is available as a kit but I have added on some extras.

  1. 1 – Micnova 7X Lighted Loupe: Being able to inspect your sensor is of the utmost importance as you should never try to clean your sensor without inspecting.
  2. 1 – Giottos Rocket Blower: The blower is always the first tool you should use in the cleaning process and Giottos makes the best non-filtered blower.
  3. 2 – 16mm D-SLR Brush: This brush is most always the first tool I use after blowing. As a matter of fact, 90% of the time I can get my sensor clean with just the loupe, blower and brush. I carry a second one as I’m quite often helping others to get their sensors cleaned and too often on Nikon cameras I have soiled the brush by running it through stray lubricants that had made their way onto the sensor.
  4. 1 – Bottle Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid: This is a non-flammable sensor cleaning fluid that I find very effective when needing to do a wet cleaning.
  5. 1 – Bottle Gamma Optical Cleaning Fluid: This is pure Methanol and flammable so I leave this one at home when I’m flying. I will use this chemical when the Beta is having issues with a stubborn spot and visa versa.
  6. 20 – Full Frame Size Alpha Swabs: Better to have too many than not enough and it gives me extras so I can help out those around me. The Alpha Swabs are the best swabs available on the market today.
  7. 20 – APS-C Size Alpha Swabs: Although I don’t usually carry an APS-C sized camera with me, maybe those I’m out with do have one and I’m always cleaning for others.
  8. 1 – SensorKlear Pen: I use the SensorKlear pen for spot cleaning and/or polishing off when a film is left behind.
  9. 10 – Long Low Lint Cotton Tipped Applicators: I use these with either Beta or Gamma for spot cleaning.
  10. 1 – Pair of Fine Tweezers: These are used for removing lint or hairs that find their way in near the sensor.
  11. 1 – Flashlight: I use this to see what I’m doing while using the tweezers.
  12. 1 – Wooster Shortcut Brush: I use this brush to dust off the outside of the camera BEFORE I remove the lens or body cap. These can be found at most any hardware store.
  13. 2 – CR2032 Batteries: Without my inspection loupe, I can’t/won’t do ANY of the sensor cleaning steps so I carry some extra batteries for it.
  14. 1 – Lens Cloth: While I’m cleaning my sensor I quite often take the time to clean my lens too. This is NOT used on the sensor.




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